News 2013-05_1

Hi there.

Currently, it is in terms of images or hard facts, a little too quiet. Please have a little patience.

The Werknumber 2-003 is ready for the first flight. The documents are filed, we are waiting for the traffic preliminary approval.

We are currently working on two simulation projects, so that there is a lot of our time is bound.

So we are looking forward to see you soon again.

Your Classic Planes Team

News 2013-05

Hello again

After a while we had the time to give you a short update. So here we go:

  1. The Me 109 with the new Engine (LF26) is about to get finally airborne. We are working on the last certifications, the Testpilot is ready and the owner is hot to get her in the Air. Also we are ;) Keep you informed here...
  2. At the Moment we are working on two Simulator Projects dispite we had some other Contracts in preparation. Soon more to come ...
  3. next we are working with the Babelsberg Studios on providing historical Planes for Cinema Productions.
  4. and last but not least did we get in touch with some rumors... and since yesterday we knew it is real. There will be a Secret discovered 2013, which will give Spotters and Historicans around the World heartache .... and more.. somthing unbelivable is going on regarding historical Planes. so stay tuned and we will inform you as soon as it is possible.

Your Classic Planes Team


News 2013-2

Hello again. Cool


We hope you had a good time. In the Meantime we had overworked the Guestbook as there were a anoying Question with no right Answer for SPAM Check. Now we had disabled her.

Did anything happened since our last Contact? Yes. Something. Mostly we were struggled in administrative Parts for Licencing the new Engine and on the other Hand we had negotiations with a new Manufacturer which resides also in Pasewalk since a short Time.

Our D-MYME is undergoing some minor Repairs and upgrades. One of them is the Repack of the BRS. Wow, what time is running

Sinceleryyours,  Blue Skies

Your Classic Planes Team

A prosper 2013 to you

We wish you a prosper 2013.

As far as we could say today this Year is becoming a great Year for the UL-Me 109. In a short Time the first 109 with the D-Motor LF26 will reach for the Skies. Also we are developing new Technologies and Cooperations to make the 109 more interesting then now.

We will start our weekly News around Mid February.

So stay tuned and Blue Skies

Your Classic Planes Team

Merry Christmas

A Happy and peaceful Christmas and best Wishes for 2013.

Frohes Fest - Merry Christmas


Between December 20, 2012 and January 7, 2013 we are on Vacation. You could reach us via Mail and Fax but assume only three to four Days to answer.

We wish you a wonderful time and a prosper 2013.


Your Classic Planes Team